AV Annadhana Trust


Av Annadhanam trust was formed in Jun 2017 to feed poor people in the rural areas. We have selected The Govt Hospital, Uthiramerur and have been providing our extended support for 200 patients at 10 clock in the morning for the last 8 Months and in continuance we are providing 50 Food packets at Mylai Pachaiamman Temple at 9 clock every day in the morning.

During every Panchami and poornima day, we are providing 600 food packets to devotees coming to Varahi Dhyana Peedam.

Special Poojas are conducted once every 6 months in Varahi Mantra Peedam and we are providing Annadhanam to around 1000 People. We are maintaining a ghosala with 10 cows and 10 calves at Chitatoor Varahi Mandira Peedam.

We want to extend the number of beneficiaries shortly and need support from the devotees for the extended arm to carry forward the same.

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