Varahi Vedha Parayana Samithi

Varahi Vedha Parayana Samithi

(established under the Annai Varahi Charitable Trust)
Respected Devotees
In today’s world it has become very difficult to find the right people to
perform Poojas, Remedial Homams, Sashtiapthapoorthi,
Sathabhishekham etc. The trust has started this initiative keeping this in
Retired people and others who know Rudhram and Pancha Soothas may
join and reap the benefits.

1. A job opportunity for retired people
2. Poor and Needly people to be made aware of the benefits of Vedhas
3. Ways to perform Homams, Remedial poojas at nominal rates
4. Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam and Devi
Mahadhmiyam to reach everyone
5. Training Classes once every week
6. Teach to perform daily poojas at home
7. Ways to chant Gayathri Mantra for people who have already got
8. Ways to perform Sirantham and Thiti for poor people at nominal costs
9. Enlightening correspondence course for rural priests to learn to
perrform poojas in proper way. Hand-on Seminar at the end of the 3
months course.
10. Learn to perform Kudamuzhakku and Yajnas easily
11. Training for NRIs to perform poojas
12. Learn Tamil Vedhas like Pancha Puranas, Tirumarai
13. Learn without any differentiation between Shaivaites and

Contact : Guruji Varahi Mainthan, Chennai
Cell: 9884102343
All are Welcome !!!

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May the mother bless us all.

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